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Welcome to the Muscatine High School Orchestra! I am Mr. Thoma and this is my 5th year directing the orchestras at MHS. Whether you are returning member of the orchestra program or a new face the high school, I am excited to work with you, and look forward to this great year of music!

This year, we will be working with a wide variety of music. From baroque, to classical, to music written this year, our music will span time and include the music of many cultures. When we step into the classroom every day, we will dedicate ourselves to the common goal of successful music performance, which cannot be achieved without collaboration in rehearsals, individual travail and the pursuit of musical excellence. I challenge you to commit to becoming a better musician every day that you are in this class. Through our hard work, we will find success and in our success, we will have fun. Orchestra is an environment, not only purposed to enrich ourselves in the deep history of orchestral music, but to create and maintain bonds of friendship that last throughout high school and beyond. I am very excited to be able to play a part in your daily lives at MHS and I expect that together, we can make this year of music remarkable.


New/Upcoming Events for 16-17 School Year

  • This is the first year with three curricular orchestras, due to record student enrollment.
  • Members of the Concert and Chamber Orchestra will be traveling to Los Angeles in March of 2017.
  • A brand new piece is being commissioned by the Orchestra Boosters. It will be premiered by the chamber orchestra in February, 2017.
  • Mr. Thoma will be full time at MHS this year. In previous years, he has also taught in elementary and middle school buildings.