All-State Orchestra


The Iowa All-State Orchestra is an auditioned orchestra that accepts the very best high school orchestra musicians in the state of Iowa. Those wishing to be in the All-State orchestra must prepare scales, a solo and a collection of excerpts for audition. Making this group is one of the highest honors a high school orchestra musician can achieve but is a significant challenge. Students interested in auditioning should contact Mr. Thoma ASAP!

Here is the link to the IHSMA website explaining the audition process. This is also where you can find the excerpts you need to prepare.

IHSMA All-State Orchestra Info

All-State Auditions will be held on Saturday, October 26th in Washington, IA. Students will be bussed from Muscatine High School early in the morning and return to Muscatine late that same evening (Departure times TBA)


Muscatine High School Orchestra All-Staters


Accepted - Kristen Schlawin (String Bass)

Alternate - Brissa Echevarria (String Bass)


Accepted – Lauren Kundel (String Bass) *4 Year All-Stater

Accepted – Jack Eichelberger (String Bass)

Accepted – Isabelle Hartman (String Bass)

Accepted – Brissa Echevarria (String Bass)


Accepted-Emily Fillmore (Violin) *4 Year All-Stater

Accepted-Jack Eichelberger (String Bass)

Accepted-Leticia Gomez (Violin)

Accepted-Lauren Kundel (String Bass)


Accepted-Emily Fillmore (Violin)

Accepted-Lauren Kundel (String Bass)

Alternate-Jack Eichelberger (String Bass)


Accepted-Emily Fillmore (Violin)

Accepted- Zach Nichols (String Bass)

Accepted- Lauren Kundel (String Bass)


Accepted – Emily Fillmore (Violin)

Accepted – Zach Nichols (String Bass)


Alternate – Zach Nichols (String Bass)


Accepted – Brandon Stephens (Violin)


Accepted – Giles Joslyn (Violin)