Placement Auditions

2017-2018 MHS Orchestra Placement Auditions

  • Everyone must prepare both the scale and the etude. Your audition is part of your grade.
  • If you want to be considered for the 2017-2018 Chamber Orchestra, you must also prepare the excerpt.
  • Just because you prepare the excerpt doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be in chamber, and just because you don’t prepare the excerpt doesn’t mean you won’t be considered for chamber.
  • You will be evaluated on rhythm, intonation, posture, tone, bowing and dynamics. Tempo will also be taken into consideration in the event of a tie.
  • Take your audition seriously. Don’t make any assumptions.
  • Results will be posted on Thursday, March 9th at the end of the school day.


You must submit your audition via email by Wednesday, March 1st by midnight. It is important that when you record your audition, your instrument is fully in view and is facing the camera. You are welcome to stop by my office for help, or focus on this material during lessons. Make sure you prepare the best audition possible, so that you are placed appropriately. Best of luck!

Below are the files containing the placement audition information and music for the 2017-2018 placement auditions.


Violin Placement Auditions

Viola Placement Auditions

Cello Placement Auditions

Bass Placement Auditions


Violin – (Your excerpt starts at the 3:45 mark)

Viola – (Your excerpt starts at the 2:41 mark)

Cello – (Your excerpt starts at the 1:50 mark)

Bass – (Your excerpt starts at the 0:35 mark)