Tips On Purchasing An Instrument

Choose a dealer/store where your child can try out at least 2 different instruments from the same price range. Your student will not only be able to listen to which one they like better, but they will enjoy the instrument more if it is something that have chosen themselves.

Decide on a price range before you begin your search. You should ask a string teacher for help on this. Two instruments within the same price range can sound completely different.

Do not use the internet to purchase an instrument unless you are very willing to either return or even keep the instrument if it is not worth what you paid for it.

Ask your child’s teacher about the best place for you to purchase an instrument in the area.

Please, please, please ask your child’s teacher to check out and listen to the instrument before you commit and pay for it. We are trained to notice and hear things that you might not even know to look for.

Great information on why purchasing a cheap instrument isn’t necessarily good!